Thursday, September 16, 2010

All about the Ears

This blog post was started Thursday (9/16), but was not able to finish it until today (9/20). There is just not enough time in the day...

The girls saw a new ENT (ears, nose and throat) doctor Thursday 9/16. Their previous ENT doctor wanted to just wait for Haley's ear canals to grow and didn't really check Rachel's ears. Rachel's main problem is her vocal cords, but now that they are both moving that is a great thing. I decided to get a second opinion and we really like our new ENT doctor (Dr. Albright). He was so nice and wants to try to get ear tubes into Haley's ears despite her small ear canals. He also checked Rachel's ears and found that she has fluid behind her ear drums and also needs tubes. It appears the fluid is affecting her hearing so its good that she will be getting them. I'm so glad we went to Dr. Albright and that he found this with Rachel. So both girls are getting ear tubes on September 28. They luckily won't have to stay in the hospital after getting the tubes. It will be a day surgery/procedure.

So thanks to the advise from readers regarding attaching Haley's glasses to her helmet, I was able to get them to stay on fairly well with Velcro. It has been working and Haley has not been taking her glasses off or touching her eyes.

Random photos of the girls...

Haley loves her jumper

Rachel doing some tummy time

Both girls doing tummy time

Daddy making Rachel laugh

Haley loves to stand. One day she is going to just walk away.

Rachel just chillin' in her swing


  1. They are lovely and sweet - glad about the ear tubes. They made a world of difference for my middle son.

  2. Wow it looks like Haley is needing minimal assistance to stand. How awesome is that? It is great to see the pictures of how the babies are developing. Do they roll around everywhere when you put them on their tummies?

  3. One of my grown, married daughters came in, looked at the pictures, and made the remark that you will have your hands full during the millenium when you raise the 6 who have gone on ahead. Maybe these two daughters will be grown enough to help. Could be a lot of fun.

  4. They are so precious! I am glad they are doing so well! I am praying every day!

  5. So are either girls crawling yet??

  6. I forgot to mention in my previous post that the babies look so happy. The smiles on their faces are really special. It is almost like they understand how precious life is for them and are embracing every moment of it. My son who I mentioned has Cerebral Palsy has the same happy smile all the time. Looking at him and the pictures of your babies leaves a warm, happy feeling inside.

  7. How funny! After going to our new ENT last week, Becca will be getting her second set of tubes and having her adenoids removed on Sept 30! :) I hope the procedure remains as simple as it should be for all three of our little ones!

    I'm so glad the velcro worked! It's truly an amazing invention. :) The girls look so happy in these pictures - always good to see their beautiful smiles. Keep up the good work with them!


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