Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Videos and pictures

Its been an uneventful past week. The girls did not have any doctors appointments this past week. Rachel and Haley are doing well. I was able to get some videos, one of which Rachel is rolling over. I also snapped some cute photos. Rachel and Haley are growing up so fast and are continuing to make progress. Both Rachel and Haley are about to get their first tooth. Rachel has one bottom tooth that has just started to break through the gums. Haley is not too far behind. I can see where it will come in when it does. They have both been drooling and biting on anything a lot lately. We figured they were teething.

The Girls together

In this picture, Haley is sucking on Rachel's finger. Rachel didn't seem to mind it at all.

Haley trying rice cereal. It got all over her, including her glasses. She hasn't quite got the hang of eating rice cereal yet.

Haley playing with the spoon.

Rachel and Haley holding hands. How cute!!

Video of Haley playing with Rachel's ear.

As promised here is a video of Rachel rolling over.


  1. They are just precious and doing so well!
    Rachel might start minding Haley putting her hands in her mouth once she gets teeth! :)

  2. Who needs teething rings when you can chew on your sister's fingers?
    Too cute. They are growing and learning so much!

  3. They look sooo much alike in that first picture! beautiful!

  4. HaHaHaHa !!! too cute ....I had a little laugh when I saw the rice cereal all over the glasses !

    Even though I don't comment , I read your blog regularly . Good luck with your precious girls .

    Moira (Canada)

  5. Aww thanks for the cute photos and video. I especially like the ones where they are holding hands and chewing fingers,that made me laugh!Wow teething already time sure does fly.

    Have a good one Stansel family :)

  6. How precious! Rachel and Haley's progress makes me soooo happy! You are a beautiful family. I continue to pray for you.

  7. can you believe how they are growing!! so exciting. wonderful to be allowed to peek into their lives, just a little. so absolutely perfect! thank you soooo much! love those babies. wanted to reach right out and hug them!

  8. I love the video's!!! I also looked at your ticker and saw the girls are over 10 months how time flies!!

    I love the pictures of Miss Haley eating rice cereal and the one of her and Rachel holding hands.

    Such cute, sweet little girls!!!

  9. We ask - you answer!! Thanks for the update on the teeth. Good luck getting through teething. As I watch Rachel rolling it brings back a memory I'd like to share with you. As my son began to roll over his g-tube tubing eventually got caught underneath him. Once it was so badly caught it pulled his mickey out. Micky's are not easy to replace and causes the baby some unneeded pain. From that day on, we curled up the tubing and left it inside his onesie just to be on the safe side. Seeing Rachel's tubing rolling with her brought back this memory and safety tip.

  10. So sweet! I love these babies so much! I can't believe it either- the are growing up so fast!!!

  11. Looks like Haley was going to sleep and needed something soft to touch with her fingers. She needs a special nap blanket with a silky binding.

    Your lucky Rachel seems unfazed by the fingers in her ears.

    Your friends,

    Virginia and Frank


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