Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enjoying the Girls

The girls are doing good. We don't have a lot to report. They continue to get bigger though we don't have updated weights since we have not been to the doctor's office in a while now and are not scheduled to go again until next week. I'm glad the trips to the doctor have slowed down considerably. We are just enjoying life with the girls doing normal everyday things.

Rachel and Haley enjoy rolling over. Whenever we put them on the floor they are rolling. I like this picture of Rachel taking a nap on her tummy.

Rachel giving us a big smile.

Haley giving us a big smile. This was a good time to take pictures of Haley since she pulled her tube out. Unfortunately she still needs the tube since she is still not drinking enough formula to keep her growing. I can't wait for her to get to the point when she doesn't need it.

Haley loves those fingers. She either is sucking her middle fingers or her thumb. Her daddy used to suck his thumb when he was a baby, so I wonder where she got that from.

Just me and the girls.

Rachel and Haley after church. They always look so pretty in their dresses.


  1. Did she get off of oxygen? Yeah!

  2. No tubes!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!! Things are looking up!

  3. Yeah, what Shelley said! Haley doesn't have the nasal cannula thingie anymore, does she? Awesome!!

  4. I know you're looking forward to the day she doesnt need the tube any more.
    It looks like it makes her little cheeky sore. :(
    Great pics of the girls.
    Love the pics of them in their little Sunday dresses for church
    And look at those long eyelashes...

    Adorable pic of you with your girls too.
    Love keeping up on these sweethearts.
    They sure are blessings from God

  5. So glad the girls are doing well!
    they are adorable babies~ i can tell you are enjoying them every moment.
    Haley will get off that tube soon! its so great to see her beautiful little face and Miss Rachel - she rocks!!
    lovies from Utah!

  6. I love those chubby little arms ...so adorable

  7. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................                           

  8. I'm so happy for you! Your family is beautiful and inspiring! The girls are growing fast and looking great. Congratulations, you deserve all the happiness in the world. Love, always

  9. Beautiful girls! I love hearing how they are doing!

  10. They are as cute as ever. Thank you for continuing to share updates.

  11. So cute! Thanks for all the pictures!

  12. aww I love the pic of Rachel sleeping that's so cute,and the girls smiling is adorable.Looking at their pics make me smile :-)

  13. So glad to hear they are doing well!


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