Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Brandon is 16 months old

So Brandon turned 16 months on April 14.  I am so behind on getting these monthly updates posted.  He is currently 17 months and I will do that update very soon.

At 16 months he weighed 21 lbs, 7 oz.

During his 16 month he did more crawling around (still army crawling, but faster) and found how to get into stuff.  He loves to get into my lower bathroom cabinet and pull stuff out from under there.  He started pulling up using the window sill (we have low window sills) to sit up and eventually he started to pull up onto his knees. At his 15 month update he was doing better at sitting up well, but he hasn't progressed more with that.  He only sits with using his hands to prop on.  He has a weak core (due to his spina bifida) and its going to take much longer than anticipated to for him to sit up all the way.

Brandon saw his urologist early April.  His doctor checked his kidneys with a nuclear scan and he had a renal ultrasound.  His kidney's look great and there doesn't appear to be any problems with not cathing Brandon.  Brandon will be seeing his urologist again in July to do a bladder function test.  We shall see if he will continue to not need cathing.  I am always nervous for these tests.  I have to admit it has been so nice not having to do any cathing, but with spina bifida that can change.

He has made progress with eating.  He decided he didn't want anymore baby food/baby cereal.  He tried and tasted lots of new regular foods during his 16 month.  He is still on the bottle, but he isn't drinking as much milk as he used to.  We started trying him on the honey bear cup with a straw.  He does ok but has some spillage as he drinks.

We finally saw the ENT in April.  Dr. Albright said his tonsils were big (size 3) and thought it was best to get a sleep study first before taking the tonsils out.  He wanted to rule out central sleep apnea.  Sleep study was scheduled for mid May.

Our little boy sure is growing up.  He is making progress and we are thankful.  Love this boy!!!



  1. I'm glad to see your updates. I'd been checking and missing them. The kids look great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love seeing your updates but understand you are very busy. Brandon is growing into such a little boy , not a baby anymore. He is just beautiful

  3. He looks so sweet and happy all the time.


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