Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rachel and Haley start 2nd grade

Rachel and Haley started 2nd grade on August 22nd.  They will both be in life skills special education classes.  Rachel has the same teacher again this year.  Haley has a new teacher and she seems to be a great teacher.  We hope they will have a great school year and will continue to make progress.  Yes they are making progress.  Their progress is slow and it will be for them but whats most important is that my children are gifts from god and they are blessed!


  1. my special daughter who was premature and suffered at birth is now 30 years old. She is still making progress. Just to encourage you... in fact once she went in a residence at age 28, she has even made more progress and is a delight ! :)

  2. Wishing them a great second grade

  3. Wow Rachel is getting so tall!! The girls are adorable.


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