Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last Day of school and preschool pictures

Rachel and Haley's last day of 1st grade was on June 2.  They had a great school year in 1st grade!  Haley's teacher is leaving so Haley will have a new teacher for 2nd grade.  Rachel will have the same teacher.  Both Rachel and Haley will be going to Summer school this Summer to help them with continued progress in life skills.  They have grown since their first day of 1st grade!

Rachel's 1st and last day picture

Haley's 1st and last day picture

Kayla finished another year of preschool as well.  She has one more year of preschool since she doesn't turn 5 until December.  She is looking forward to going to Kindergarten, but she's going to have to wait one more year.  My baby girl sure has grown as well!

Kayla's 1st and last day picture


  1. It's wonderful to see your children grow and learn. Congratulations on being parents of special children. They, and you, are all children of our Heavenly Father. What a blessing to know that.

  2. Lovely sisters! They all are different but so special! Thank You for sharing!

  3. They are adorbs. My 9 year old is super bored and already wants to go back.


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