Friday, May 20, 2016

Rachel and Haley

So it has been a while since I have written an update on Rachel and Haley.  Not much is different as they stay busy with the same daily routine.  They both go to school from 7:30am to 3:15pm.  They are both in special education/life skills class and get therapy at school.  They also have therapy (PT, OT and speech) at home 4 days out of the week.  They have been healthy which is such a blessing.  They definitely don't go to the doctor much anymore.  They just have yearly appointments for vision checks and neurology.  Both Rachel and Haley also have appointments a couple times a year in regards to their hearing (cochlear implant and hearing aids).  Life with them continues to sail along.  Yes there are challenges that we face each day with these girls, but they are miracles and blessings.

Rachel continues to be our high energy kid.  She can be a challenge.  We were told almost 3 years ago that she has autism, but I was not convinced.  She was tested at school a year ago and the results said she didn't have Autism.  Back in March Rachel saw the developmental doctor and they are saying she does indeed have autism.  So we are not 100% sure, but Rachel does have some autistic behaviors.  She has other disabilities that make it look like autism as well.  She is deaf and her vision is not perfect.  Rachel does wear her cochlear implant and she is able to hear with it, but she still doesn't talk and lacks the ability to communicate efficiently.  Rachel does know a little sign language and she is able to communicate some of her wants.  People who don't know her may not be able to figure out what she wants, but obviously as her parents we know what she is asking or wanting.  Rachel is also developmentally delayed.  With that being said, Rachel likes being around people and always goes up to people although her interaction with people is not always appropriate (could be due to her other disabilities).  So the question of autism or not continues.  But in the big scheme of things, it really doesn't matter because Rachel is who she is - a daughter of GOD!  She's a beautiful girl!

Haley is our go with the flow kid though she is apprehensive when she goes to new or unfamiliar places.  This is due to her low vision.  She just can't see well enough to know where she is in unfamiliar places.  Haley is making good progress with saying some words.  She can say "ball"and is working on saying "eat".  Haley also knows about 6 signs.  Haley is a loving, sweet little girl.  She insists on giving Kayla and I a hug when she gets home from school and she loves her brother.  She gets concerned and walks over to him when he cries.  Haley loves to make noise!  Since she can't see well, she uses her hearing.  She does wear her hearing aids and loves them!  She also loves music especially soft love type songs.



  1. Rachel is indeed beautiful Amanda, (I love her hair) I think she looks a lot like you - the other three are sooo like Thomas. Haley is adorable, you can see her gentle nature just by looking at her pictures. Thanks for posting, Catherine

  2. My goodness, the girls are growing up so much. They are such pretty girls. Thank you for the update

  3. Thanks for sharing the update Amanda of these beautiful girls and how they are such a blessing.


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