Friday, February 19, 2016

Brandon is 2 months old

Brandon turned 2 months old on the 14th.  He is growing so well.  At his 2 month doctors appointment he weighed 12 pounds and was 22 inches long.  The doctor was very pleased with his progress.  The doctor said he is doing things a 1 1/2 month old typically does and was very impressed.  Brandon is only about 2 weeks behind.  This is great seeing he was born early and was in the NICU for 3 weeks plus with the spina bifida, he is doing awesome!  Brandon started smiling at us when we smiled at him on Valentine's day.  He is gaining some head control, but I do still support his head.  He moves his legs and feet well.  He is sleeping through the night from around 11 pm to about 7am.  He is taking ~4oz of formula every 3 hours or so.  He does have reflux and spits up a lot.  We had to deal with this with Kayla when she was a baby and was so hoping Brandon wouldn't have it, but he does and its frustrating!  He is a fussy baby in the evenings, but I've been told this is typical.  He loves to be held by his mommy.  He's a mommy's boy already!

Brandon did go to the urologist back on February 1st and had a special test that looked at how his bladder was working.  It also checked to make sure the urine was not backing up into his kidney's.  Well Brandon passed the test!  His bladder is functioning normally and no urine was backing up into his kidney's!!!  We don't have to cathe him!!  We are so relieved and so grateful that Brandon was blessed and miracles have been done for our son.  Brandon is doing so well despite his spina bifida.

Some have asked how the girls are doing with Brandon.  Well Kayla loves and adores him!  She gives him kisses frequently!  Haley loves to touch him.  She will come up to me when I'm holding him and will touch his feet, hands and head. She smiles when she feels him.  Rachel has not really showed any interest in Brandon.

I have been enjoying taking pictures of Brandon (I have taken a lot since he came home).  Its so fun to be able to do the monthly pictures again.  Well here are his 2 month pictures:

He looks so big in this picture!


  1. What a blessing!!!!
    He is precious!

  2. His smiles are awesome, he resembles his dad, he is very very cute. He is so precious! Thank you for sharing. You must be so happy and proud because of him. Hugs from Finland.

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful boy - and he looks so healthy, he is so very like Thomas. I am delighted he is doing so well, hopefully his issues will not be a problem to him. Thank you for the updates I love reading about your wonderful family.

    Catherine (by the way Amanda, Brian is my hubby it comes through from his email)x

  4. amazing ! So pleased to read about his miracles !
    he looks so sweet !

  5. For the reflux: Do you have one of those sleep/play beds that slant so he isn't sleeping flat on his back? Fisher-Price makes them. They are good for up to 25 lbs. rather than the traditional 15 lb. bassinett.

  6. Such a gorgeous boy!! Glad that he's progressing well and is a real blessing x

  7. The pictures of him are just so precious!! It is so great to hear that his kidney's and bladder look great and he does not have be cathed. He had so much beautiful brown hair. We pray miracles still come your way :)


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