Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kayla and the pink cast

These days Kayla is sporting a bright pink cast on her right leg.  Unfortunately she broke her leg jumping on the trampoline with two of her older cousins back on March 18th.  I have to say Kayla is doing very well tolerating the cast and has adapted to it very well.  The first week of wearing it she didn't want to move much but by the second week she starting crawling and scooting around on the floor to get around.  But now she is walking on it.  It doesn't seem to phase her much at all.  She doesn't really complain about it either.  She did mention one time that she is tired of having to walk with it on, but that is it.  We are counting down to the day she gets it off which will be April 27th!  My sweet baby girl is such a trooper.  And she has had such a good attitude about it all despite not being able to do some things.  She is a wonderful example on how to handle and deal with life's challenges.

After getting her cast put on (March 20th)

Standing and walking with the cast


  1. Oh poor thing ! Do you know how exactly it happened? We are getting our trampoline now and would like to know if there is anything else to prevent any injuries....

    1. We have a trampoline with the net around it, but she was double bounced by two older kids and when she came down she fell wrong on her right leg. She cracked her tibia right below the knee. My advice is to not have little kids on the trampoline at the same time with older kids.

  2. Hope your leg is soon better Kayla!


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