Friday, November 15, 2013

Kayla is 23 months

Wow!  I can't believe next month Kayla will be 2 years old!  My baby is growing up so fast!  What a blessing she is!  Well here is her 23 month update.

I had been wanting to take pictures of her in this beautiful white dress for a while now.  I thought I better do it before she outgrows it and it gets too cold outside.  I'm so glad I found this cute little white church for her photo shoot.

Kayla and one of her many faces she makes
On November 9, Kayla weighed 23 pounds, 9 oz.  She is growing and I can't believe she is only ~4 pounds less than Haley!  Haley is our petite one.  They will be the same size one day.

Kayla is an active little girl.  She is always doing something and getting into something.  She is very curious!  She keeps me on my toes.

Kayla's language is continuing to advance.  She is putting two words together and continually learning new words.  She loves to talk!  She is still doing some sign language as well.  She also loves listening to nursery rhymes.  Her favorite is The Wheels on the Bus.

Kayla is a happy, loving and sensitive little girl.  She is also very social and loves to go up to people.  She enjoys being around other little kids.  She enjoys the play group we go to sometimes.  She is also enjoying church nursery.

Kayla is still learning about the potty and we are moving closer to the full blown potty training stage.  Right now she will sit on the potty a couple times a day.  I talk to her about it and read a book about it to her.  She is interested, but still unsure about using the potty.  We have had some successes on the potty though.

As for eating, she continues to do good.  She is picky at times and her appetite varies, but she eats good overall.  She especially loves junk food and sweets.  I don't give her much of that stuff though.  In fact, Kayla has never had juice or chocolate milk.  I prefer to wait on that stuff as long as possible.

I know I have mentioned it before, but Kayla loves her big sisters and she always looks forward to when they come home from school everyday.  Kayla knows her sisters by name!  I know she loves them.  She is a great little sister.  She needs them as much as they need her.


  1. Beautiful girl and amazing photos!

  2. What a special little girl! I can't believe she is about to turn 2. She is looking precious!

  3. Sorry
    I am so late but yes, she is the pretties girl ever! I love your pics of her and I think they show how much she is appreciated by the whole family. She is special and some day she will know that.


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