Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kayla is 19 months

My little Kayla is already 19 months old.  What's happening to my little girl?  She's growing up fast!!!  Love this little girl so much!

This month's photo shoot was done in our back yard.  I couldn't get any smiles out of her.  She wasn't feeling well when I took them.  Poor baby has a cold.

On July 9, Kayla weighed 21 pounds, 5 ounces.  She is such a petite little girl.  She can still wear some 12 month clothes!

Kayla is making a lot of progress with her language.  She is saying more words (too many to count) and is using more sign language.  She can sign 7 words (more, water, thank you, book, done, no and eat).  She loves to talk and talks a lot!  She gets that from her daddy.

Kayla is a good little helper.  She is usually good at doing things I ask her to do.  She will help pick up toys when I am doing that or she will throw something in the trash when I ask her.  She likes to help out!  I'm so thankful for her willingness.

Kayla is the perfect little sister to her big sisters.  She is so good for them and she loves them.  She gives her big sisters hugs and plays with them.  She is going to be a big help for them.

Kayla is a fun, playful, happy little girl.  I love her smile and laugh.

Kayla loves to eat.  She can be picky at times, but she really likes to eat her favorite foods.  Milk was one of her favorites, but lately she has decided she likes water more than milk.  She's good at signing and saying water.

I have to admit I love our nighttime routine together.  Kayla loves books and being read to.  We snuggle together as I read to her.  When I lay her down in her crib she blows me kisses and smiles.  I hope these moments last forever!


  1. Wow more great photos. Kayla is really growing up. She's looking so cute! Hope her cold is better soon.

  2. The pictures are pretty even without the smile. She is a doll! I love how you describe the way she interacts with you, how helpful she is, and how she displays joint attention when being read to. With this type of interaction, the kisses and smiles will last forever. This is soooo important!


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