Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunts

Two Saturdays in a row, we have taken the girls to a couple of Easter egg hunts.  The first one was at our neighborhood clubhouse on March 16.  There was food, music and lots of drawings for prizes, but we didn't win.  That's ok we don't usually win anything, but we did have fun!  The Easter Eggs that the girls hunted were all over the playground area and both Rachel and Kayla didn't care too much for the eggs at first.  They were more interested in getting on the swings to swing.  Funny girls!  I didn't take too many pictures of this Easter Egg hunt.

Rachel and Haley checking out their eggs

On Saturday March 23, we went to a beeping Easter egg hunt for the blind and visually impaired.  Haley was invited to this hunt.  We have never been to a beeping Easter egg hunt before.  The beeping eggs were big and all the eggs were beeping at the same time.  Haley liked the beeping eggs, but it was hard for her to pick them up since they were bigger than her hands.  She enjoyed it though!  Rachel and Kayla participated in the non-beeping egg hunt that they had for siblings.  The girls also got to get their picture taken with the Easter bunny.  This was the first picture with the Easter bunny I have gotten of them.  I'm surprised they didn't cry!

Haley checking out the beeping eggs
The girls at the fishing pond game
Daddy with his girls
Rachel and Haley
Rachel, Haley and Kayla


  1. Beeping eggs, what a great idea! The pictures are beautiful as usual but the ones with the Easter bunny and the one with Thomas are special! I love to see them in matching outfits, super cute!

  2. Great fun and lovely pics. What a good idea with the beeping eggs. Should think everyone enjoyed themselves. Hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy many blessings.. xx


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