Monday, August 29, 2011

22 Week Update

How many weeks?  I am 22 weeks.

How am I feeling?  I'm feeling good.  I'm sleeping ok though the last couple of nights I have been waking up at 3:30am or 4am for no reason at all.  I love my sleep so it's annoying.  Thank goodness I am able to go back to sleep.  Maybe my body is getting me prepared to getting up with a newborn baby.

Weight gain?  I've gained 12-13 pounds total.

Doctors appointment?  I saw the high risk doctor today and all looked great with the baby and my cervix.  My cervix is nice and thick at 4.5 cm.  The doctor looked at the baby's anatomy and did measurements.  She is growing on target and all else looks great.  I will also see my regular OB later this week.  Below are the ultrasound pictures from my appointment with the high risk doctor.  Its kind of hard to tell, but these pictures are showing her face.  

22 weeks, 1 day
22 weeks, 1 day

Baby preparation?  We bought a crib this past weekend.  I found on a beautiful crib at a good price.  It would have been expensive if bought new so I was happy to have found it.  I love this crib.  I felt a little hesitant at getting a crib with me being only 22 weeks, but I couldn't pass up this crib.  I still worry as I am nearing the time when I had the sextuplets (at 22 weeks 6 days).  I know once I pass 22 weeks and 6 days I will feel better.

Name?  We have picked out a name for her.  It wasn't too hard as we both liked it.  Her name will be Kayla Amanda Stansel. 


  1. Love the name, and the crib! We actually have the same one for our oldest boy, just a different stain. So happy the baby is doing great, I'll keep you in prayer that you get some peace of mind in the coming weeks.

  2. I love her name.. My daughters name is Kylie!! so pretty close and teh cot is GORGEOUS!

  3. Three little girls are so fun! So excited to see your pictures.

  4. :) Love the crib and her name! My daughter's name is Kayla too!


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