Saturday, July 23, 2011

Catching up on the latest

 I have not been very good at updating our blog on the latest with the girls.  So I'm catching up on the latest happenings at the Stansel home.

This past week has gone by fast!  Thomas was on a business trip in San Francisco all week.  My mom came to stay with me to help out while Thomas was away.  We had a great time together and she enjoyed spending time with the girls.  Today she flew back home.  We will miss her, but she will be back again soon for the girls upcoming birthday.  Thomas also arrived home.  The girls were happy to see their daddy.

Grandma with Rachel and Haley
Daddy loving his girls after being away for a week

Also this past week, Rachel had a small minor day surgery to fix an area around her g-button.  A very small part of her stomach lining was protruding out around her g-button site so it was removed.  She got through the surgery well and is doing well.

Rachel has also graduated out of the rear facing car seat to a forward facing car seat.  She met the requirements for weight and length to switch over.  She met the requirements a while ago, but we had to get her out of the rear facing car seat because she is just to big for it.  She was scared at first in the forward facing car seat, but now likes it and enjoys looking out the windows.

Rachel in her forward facing car seat

Haley is still in the rear facing car seat since she has not met the weight and length requirements.  Haley is still so small.  She is almost to 19 pounds now.  Her appetite seems to have picked up and is eating more.

Haley so cute in her car seat


  1. So fun to see the pictures of the girls and how much they are growing and changing!!

    They are both so cute and will make great older sisters!!!

  2. Congratulations on Rachel's new car seat and successful surgery! Soon Haley will be heavy enough to use a rear facing car seat too. Both girls continue to look precious and seem very happy with grandma. I can imagine how happy they were to see daddy again! Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments with all of us. You have a beautiful family!


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