Saturday, December 4, 2010

16 months old!

Today the girls are 16 months old chronologically.  They have also made it to 1 year adjusted for their prematurity.  Again we express our gratitude for being able to love and raise Rachel and Haley.  They have come a long way seeing how early they were born and how little they were when they were born.  Being born at almost 23 weeks, the odds were against them, but they beat the odds and are here with us today.  What miracles and blessings they are! 

At 16 months old, Rachel is 18 pounds and Haley is 15 1/2 pounds.  They are small for their age, but continue to grow and make progress.  

At a church Christmas activity (12/4/2010)

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  1. poor Haley, she don't want more her glasses !! and rachel said her "no, haley doesn't remove your glasses !"
    haley is small but 18lbs for Rachel, 22w6d born, is a good weight. Sylas Morrison (a 6plets like her) weighted 15lbs at 14mth and born at 22w6d also !


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