Sunday, May 16, 2010

Joined the minivan club

We finally found a vehicle that will meet our needs with the girls and yes its a minivan. I have to say it was hard to let go of my Nissan Altima, but it was just not big enough for the two girls, the double stroller and their other stuff. We know that we have to move onto that next stage in life. We broke down and bought the minivan. It definitely has much more space for the girls. Now we can go visit Grandma in Austin.

The Minivan

The Girls in the van

The girls both had a really good week. Rachel had a renal ultrasound last week to follow up on her renal calcinosis (The buildup of calcium deposits in the kidney). The ultrasound revealed nothing new and her kidneys looked normal. We were extremely happy with this news. Haley and Rachel are such beautiful little girls, they both are getting so big. Before we know it they will be talking and walking.

Rachel and Haley together

Haley playing

Rachel playing

This is Rachel with her nasal cannula in her mouth instead of in her nose. She has been doing this a lot lately. Obviously she is as ready as me to get those off.

Rachel and Haley playing under the play gym

Daddy talking to Rachel on mommy's cell phone. She is set - cell phone, pacifier and favorite toy all in reach.


  1. Lucky family! you will love your Minivan... The babies are so beautiful. you can tell their personalities are blooming! i am so glad you are enjoying them so very much. Thanks for sharing the Adventures of the Stansel Girls and folks with us.
    You are all sooo loved!

  2. The girls are just beautiful. Love getting updates on your family. Congrats on the new minivan.

  3. Congrats on the mini van I am sure its more comfy with more room! Your girls are absolutely adorable I smile when I see them, so so cute!

  4. Wow! Rachel is really starting to look like a real little girl! Her face has changed so much recently! Congratulations on the minivan!!! Welcome to the family world!! Definetly a right of passage!

  5. It's a "swagger wagon" fear not you have joined the ranks. ;)check out the video made just for you.

  6. Your girls are getting so big and they are so beautiful!!!

    We to had to join the minivan club when our son came home from the hospital. Our cars weren't big enough for him and all of his oxygen equipment. It took me a little while to get over missing my car, but now I wouldn't trade my van for anything. You'll get used to it soon enough and wonder why you didn't buy one months ago!

    Love reading all of your updates. Prayers for continued progression.

  7. we had to trade my car in for a volvo suv (7 seater). i love it! it makes getting the kids around a breeze!

  8. Hopefully they will be talking and walking sooner than later. Considering their severe prematurity and medical roller coaster ride, it is a true blessing that they will be able to talk and walk. Enjoy your miracles.

  9. How nice you got the mini van! Now life will be easier for you. The girls are looking so "grown up"! It looks like they are developing so fast! They are beautiful as usual. Congraulations!

  10. Mini Van's are the best!! I did not think I would ever say that but after having the girl's I wonder how I ever lived without one!!!

    The girls are so darn cute and the last picture of Miss Rachel with all her important items made me laugh!! I also like the new way she is taking her oxygen!!!

  11. We had to go to the big van when our trips were born. How I miss my old Sienna van, which looked just like yours. Enjoy it! It's a great van!

  12. They are just beautiful! How are Haleys eyes? She looks to be batting at the toys in the exersaucer?

    They look great, and I like the van too!

  13. You gotta love the van!!! Now you and Thomas should go watch the video on YouTube called Swagger Wagon... it will really make you laugh! I sure love my van! I am glad the girls are doing well!


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